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The World Series of Poker threw a wrench into Bodog Poker's regular scheduling. Not only were their pros busy, but so were many of their top players as they competed in several events in Las Vegas. Now that it's over, the poker site is catching up with all its heads-up matches between players and pros.

Beginning with head2782, otherwise known as Jose Severino in the real world, these players showed why they're continually atop the tournament leaderboard at Bodog Poker.

Severino took on Josh Arieh on Monday in two separate matches he was owed for being the weekly leaderboard winner twice recently.

He lost the first match to Arieh, losing out on an accumulated $3,000 prize. His loss meant another $1,000 was added before they played the second match - this time with Severino coming out the winner. That's $4,000 more he can add to the $39,445 he won after cashing in 345th place at the World Series of Poker Main Event this year.

Severino also still holds the top spot on Bodog Poker's Yearly Tournament Leaderboard, even after having to slow down his online activity a little bit while he played in Las Vegas.

Right under him in the leaderboard is nevertilt22, also known as Smith Collins, who went up against Evelyn Ng heads-up on Tuesday.

First Ng had to take on Eddie "EddieOB" O'Brien. Because Severino won his second match, the prize pool was back down to $1,000. That was enough to keep O'Brien playing his best, though, as he took down the Bodog Poker pro.

Ng then took on Collins who also found a little success in Vegas this month after finishing fourth in a $1,000 Nightly No-Limit Hold'em tournament during the Bellagio Cup III. Ng had some success of her own, cashing in 25th in a WSOP event this year, but her luck wasn't any good against Collins.

He defeated her to take home his $1,000 prize.

For your chance to take on Ng, Arieh or David Williams at Bodog Poker, all you have to do is play in any of the weekly tournaments and accumulate more points than anyone else during any given week.

Top prize is the $1,000 heads-up match that grows by $1,000 each week if the pro wins the match.

Other leaderboard prizes are:

Second and Third places: 270 tournament credits

Fourth and Fifth places: 110 tournament credits

Sixth to 10th places: 50 tournament credits

11th to 15th places: 25 tournament credits

Tournament credits can be used towards entry for all of Bodog Poker's scheduled tournaments.

For more information or to get in on the fun, visit Bodog Poker.

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