Online gaming commission established, new data center to open in Canada

The Alexander First Nation in Canada has set up an online gambling commission to regulate online gaming in the nation. Not long after the announcement was made, it was also revealed that a new data center will open in the Alexander First Nation in December that can facilitate online gambling sites.

A spokesperson for the new commission said they play to offer online gaming licenses to qualified applicants. The commission is confident that the regulations will ensure a safe, high-quality environment for online gamers.

The Alexander Gaming Commission's job will be to regulate and control gaming and other gaming related activities within and from the Alexander First Nation. All interactive gaming such as online casinos and online poker sites, will have to satisfy three basic principles to operate there:

  • Only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate within Alexander
  • Games must be fair to the players
  • Winners are paid

The new data center, being created by Alexander Internet Technologies, is designed to accommodate Internet businesses, especially online gambling sites like casinos and poker rooms that can now be licensed there.

Some of the features that will be offered at the data site are secure server co-location facilities with uncapped bandwidth, wirespeed connectivity, round-the-clock onsite support all year round, and failsafe backup and redundancy through an alliance with a sister site in Asia.

"This data center will allow international customers the comfort of securely running their operations with 100% uptime, while maintaining failsafe global switchover capability as required," said Cheryl Savoie, of Alexander Internet Technologies. "This offering is in response to market demand, and builds on Alexander First Nation's significant investment in the technology."

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