One more feather in the Police Caps as they bust another gambling racket.

Sheriffs,detectives and Ocean Pines police busted another illegal gambling racket in Ocean City

Illegal gambling has always been a major source of worry for the police. Well, their hard work paid off, when sheriffs, county detectives and Ocean Pines police made use of a search and seizure warrant to enter a store in the Village Square Shopping Center in Ocean Pines on Friday and they arrested the proprietor, Steven Foss, of a suspected illegal gambling operation and prosecutors say charges may be pending for 15 others who were present when a poker tournament was raided.

The cops got hold of 15 people playing poker, heaps of poker chips, cards, and round about $3000 cash.

Foss, the only person arrested during the raid, was leasing the store in question, in the outdoor mall that sits near the southern entrance to Ocean Pines, he was charged with betting and using a premise for gambling. The two counts against him carry a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment and $1,500 in fines.

Joel Todd, Worcester state's attorney is ready with charges against the 15 accused this week, and after accurate reviewing of the application by the district commissioner, they would be identified.

Foss was untraceable for comment as all calls to a directory listing for him were unanswered till Monday.

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