ONE DROP Means ‘Everything’ for $1 Million Buy-in BIG ONE

Guy Laliberte
Guy Laliberte announcing the BIG ONE for ONE DROP in 2011.

No matter who wins the $1 million buy-in BIG ONE that begins this Sunday, its effects will be felt around the globe.

Charity ONE DROP is the driving force behind what will be the biggest buy-in tournament ever held. The organization is set to receive $111,000 from every entrant in the tournament.

“There is something outstanding when a community, whatever the origins and the passion, rallies together and endorses a project,” said Katherine Adams, publicist for ONE DROP. “This is what happened for the BIG ONE for ONE DROP.”

Founded in 2007 by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, ONE DROP is an international charity that fights poverty by supporting access to safe water.

Announced roughly one year ago, the BIG ONE could potentially generate over $5 million if they hit the cap of 48 players. That’s more money than previous WSOP charity event Ante Up for Africa raised in its entire existence from 2006 to now.

“The WSOP has done an incredible job in endorsing the BIG ONE and promoting it throughout their platforms,” Adams said. “What has really impressed me is how the poker community has embraced the cause.”

Daniel Negreanu 2
One of the many high-profile poker pros behind ONE DROP.

Poker Pros Embracing ONE DROP Initiative

Big name poker players Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel and Mike Sexton are among the players who have committed to playing the BIG ONE.

“Nothing like this has been done before,” said Negreanu. “This is a great cause that’s near and dear to a lot of poker player’s hearts.”

Duhamel is convinced the BIG ONE, in its current form, could not exist without ONE DROP.

“It’s everything,” said Duhamel. “It’s a huge part of why there are so many businessmen who are going to play and that’s why so many pros are going to play. I don’t think they would get near as many players if it wasn’t a charity event.”

While the winner of the BIG ONE will receive a life-changing amount of money, the money that is going towards ONE DROP will change even more lives.

The money raised from the BIG ONE will help fund one of ONE DROP’s current sanitation and water access projects in developing countries.

Depending on how much money is raised in the tournament it will go towards ongoing projects in Honduras, El Salvador and Burkina Faso where it will make a real difference in people's lives.

Day 1 Field

Everyone Can Contribute to ONE DROP

Of course not every poker player has $1 million to spend on a single tournament.

There are still plenty of ways to contribute to the organization including pledging a certain percentage of tournament winnings.

In addition to donating percentages, players can also make direct donations at the casino cages in the Rio or on the ONE DROP website.

“We truly believe change begins with each and every one of us,” said Adams. “Poker players can start with looking at their own water consumption and make changes accordingly such as using a reusable water bottle at the table or taking shorter showers.”

For more information be sure to check out the ONE DROP booth at the Rio in Las Vegas or their website.

“Since there are 40 million poker players worldwide we truly believe these gestures can create a ripple effect," said Adams.

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