OMG: Benyamine beats Galfond for $200k

David Benyamine

It took just two and a half hours and 300 hands of heads-up play for David Benyamine to take $200,000 from Phil Galfond on Full Tilt's high-stakes tables last night.

The game was $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha and the battle was a barn burner to the end. The players wagered over $2 million with neither able to take and hold a significant lead for any extended period.

The first large pot of the night, coming in at $85k, went to Galfond after he flopped bottom two against Benyamine's over-pair of kings.

Galfond filled out on the turn, making it easy to call Benyamine's all-in bet. With only two outs to make a higher full house on the river, Benyamine was unable to catch up.

That seemed to open the action floodgates as a see-saw battle of large pots ensued for the remainder of the session.

After almost two and a half hours and nearly 300 hands of play, the two players remained in deadlock.

It wasn't until the final hands of the session that Benyamine finally flipped his boom-switch.

The largest pot of the night, worth almost $250k, came as a cooler to Galfond who flopped an under-set of jacks to Benyamine's set of aces.

Benyamine followed it up by winning a $100k pot just two minutes later, hitting one of his 14 outs on the river to beat Galfond's flopped straight.

After the back-to-back losses, Galfond called it quits, letting Benyamine log off with $200k of his money.

In Galfond's world, $200k is considered a small loss and you can count on him being back in the mix as the high-stakes action heats up over the weekend.

Here are some of the largest pots of the session and as usual you can find all of the largest pots by clicking through to our MarketPulse section.

A welcomed river.

The largest pot of the night.

The pot that broke Galfond's back.

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