Ohio Attorney General supports ban of Internet gaming

Jim Petro, the Attorney General (AG) of Ohio, became the 49th AG out of 50 to come out in support of prohibiting Internet gambling when he released a statement calling on Congress to enact federal laws aimed at banning the popular American pastime recently. He believes that, "Without federal action, the states will be left to clean up the problems online gaming creates."

A letter addressed to Congress and signed by all 49 Attorneys General says the issue of Internet gambling "transcends state and jurisdictional boundaries and presents special problems for states that are responsible for enforcing consumer protection and gambling regulations."

The Attorneys General lay out a list of issues they believe are associated with Internet gambling, including "game integrity, effective consumer dispute resolution procedures, access to gambling by minors, money laundering and other criminal activity, as well as compulsive gambling."

"We encourage the United States Congress to help combat the skirting of state gambling regulations by enacting legislation which would address Internet gambling, while at the same time ensuring that the authority to set overall gambling regulations and policy remains where it has traditionally been most effective: at the state level," the letter concludes.

For information on the two recently proposed anti-Internet gambling bills, please see H.R. 4111 and Details Released On Goodlatte's New Bill.

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