Of All the Deadly Sins Greed Must Be the Worst

I always thought it was pathetic for older men to marry younger girls.

Now, as I'm becoming an old man myself, I truly understand how pathetic it is.

Don't they realize that the foundation of such a relationship is one thing, and one thing only?

Why a young girl chooses to date older men is no secret.

Presumably smart men, successful men. But apparently just little boys in the end.

I've Been Played, Too

When it comes to life, women are the real players. Boys play and have fun and girls develop social skills.

It's not a surprise that boys get played when they grow up. Until they grow up for real.

Jonathan Duhamel
Duhamel was lucky. He survived.

I've been played, too. There's no shame in admitting that.

After all I am of the weaker sex. You know, the gender that lives a shorter life.

Unless you're a poker player, maybe. But then you truly have no chance when a predator puts the claws in you.

At the Mercy of Luck

I remember Jonathan Duhamel. He and his buddies were cheering loud for one of his poker-playing friends at a WSOP final table 2009.

When I knocked her out in third, the rail became very quiet.

The next year he won the Main Event and all the marbles. Suddenly his stock price skyrocketed and a lot more women were suddenly interested in his marbles.

Real Big Game Hunters found interest in him. Basically, he was at the mercy of luck.

I guess he got lucky when his girlfriend set up a robbery at his place, because he survived and his maturity skyrocketed.

Mehmet Hassan was not so lucky. His girlfriend set up a robbery at his place, and he was kicked to death.

The Ultimate Price

The 56-year-old Mr. Hassan was a known face on the poker scene in London, where he played regularly.

He liked to bring his 25-year-old girlfriend Leonie Granger along to the casino.

Like the last evening of his life when he handed his girlfriend Rachel (which was what she told him her name was) a thousand pounds to have fun with at the pit games.

Screen shot 2015 04 29 at 2.06.02 AM
Leonie "Rachel" Granger

According to the BBC he wined and dined her, and even bragged to his friends that he didn't even have to pay for her company.

Sadly, he had to pay the ultimate price.

On the night of the murder he had taken “Rachel” to dinner at Nobu, one of the most expensive restaurants in London. Then they went to Palm Beach Casino.

On a break -- from poker for him and casino games for her -- they kissed passionately. The poker supervisor told them to “get a room."

Later they went back to his place. “Rachel” made excuses and left in a taxi, but not before letting in her real friends to rob Mehmet Hassan.

Pitiless and Wicked

This Tuesday the sentences came. Leonie “Rachel” Granger was found guilty of manslaughter and has been jailed for 16 years.

She will be 41 when she gets out and will probably never have kids.

Two men were convicted of murder and got life sentences with a minimum term of 36 years. Three other men were convicted of robbery and got 15, 14 and 7.5 years.

Screen shot 2015 04 29 at 7.10.46 AM

Of all the seven deadly sins, greed must be the worst.

“Rachel's" friends tied up Mr. Hassan and kicked him to death in an act that was “pitiless and wicked,” and “quite simply an act of brutality which defies reason and comprehension,” according to the sentencing judge William Kennedy.

I would like to add “stupid” to the description. That means bad EV in poker lingo.

After kicking Mr. Hassan to death they filmed themselves with her mobile phone. The film is so disturbing on so many levels that I can't even describe it.

But I do wonder if “Rachel” knows that “her boyfriend” is dead when she's laughing in the background.

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