Lichtenberger Chews Up Odonkor1

Andrew Lichtenberger
Andrew "luckychewy" Lichtenberger

Andrew “luckychewy” Lichtenberger took apart Odonkor1 last night at $100/$200 No-Limit Hold’em on Full Tilt.

Odonkor1, rumored to be Swedish pro Joel Nordkvist, started his session yesterday by playing heads-up $100/$200 NLHE against Full Tilt pro Nick Schulman.

The two squared off for 256 hands, over which Schulman took just over $57k.

After Schulman left, his seat was filled by an absolutely unknown player named cityboy8.

With this being cityboy8's first ever session of online poker on record, the most plausible explanation is it's the new account of an old player on the site.

Regardless of who cityboy8 might be, he lost the largest pot of the match, worth $73k, resulting in a total loss of $48,830 in his first session on Full Tilt.

Odonkor1, down $8,500, moved on to the $200/$400 Cap Pot-Limit Omaha game where he proceeded to lose another $30k before logging off for a 40 minute break.

On his return he found his next opponent in Lichtenberger, settling in for a lengthy $100/$200 NLHE match with the well-known online pro. Lichtenberger just made a deep run at the ongoing WPT Championship but finished out of the money.

Over the next 1,695 hands Odonkor1's night went from bad to terrible, losing an $85k pot after having his aces cracked near the end of the session, culminating in a total loss of $282,759.

Adding this loss to his losses from earlier in the day, Odonkor1 dropped a total of $321,620 yesterday, bringing his profits for the year down to $288k.

Below are Odonkor1's three largest pots from yesterday. To see more hands head to our online poker stats page.


Aces go down in flames.



Lucky ladies.



An $18,000 turn card.

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