NzameII topples Hollywood Poker celeb

James Woods
You could be rubbing elbows with James Woods at the virtual felt at Hollywood Poker.

One of the perks of being a Hollywood Poker player is the chance you're going to end up playing against one of the many celebrities who hang out at the poker site as well.

If you want more than just the "chance" of rubbing elbows with the stars at the virtual felt, players can also pay for the opportunity to play against a celeb heads-up. That's exactly what NzameII did, challenging David Zayas to a heads-up match and walking away $500 richer.

NzameII put up some of his hard earned player points for the match, and walked away the victor, though he admits, initially Zayas took the lead.

"By selective attacks on the turn and river, I succeeded in counterbalancing our stacks," NzameII said.

In one instance, NzameII flopped a set of nines, which should have meant victory for the online player, but somehow Zayas got away from the hand and stayed alive.

"At the end, two live cards were enough to call his all-in," NzameII said. "A pair of lucky sevens held up, and I won."

A former policeman turned actor, David Zayas likes to play poker as a hobby. He's appeared in several popular TV shows in the past few years and had a recurring role as Enrique Morales in HBO's Oz, and now plays Angel Batista on Showtime's Dexter.

Zayas is one of many celebrities Hollywood Poker players can go head-to-head with at the poker site.

Other players up for the challenge include: The Grand Returns to Hollywood Poker

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