November Niner McLaughlin: “I’m Proud to Represent Canada”

Marc McLaughlin
Marc Etienne McLaughlin

The underrated Marc Etienne McLaughlin has a unique opportunity heading into the 2013 WSOP Main Event final table.

The 25 year old could put the finishing touch on what has been the most dominant performance by Canada at the World Series of Poker ever.

A win by the Montreal resident would make it 11 bracelets for Canada at the 2013 WSOP, a new record.

“I'm proud to represent Canada and I'll do my best to make that happen!” said McLaughlin.

To say nothing of the $8.3 million that McLaughlin would receive for coming in first place.

McLaughlin Looks to Follow Jonathan Duhamel’s Lead

Jon Duhamel
Jonathan Duhamel is one of Marc Etienne McLaughlin's friends.

Not only can McLaughlin make history for Canada but he could also become the second world champion from Quebec in less than five years (Jonathan Duhamel famously took down the WSOP Main Event in 2010).

It would be an incredible achievement and speaks volumes about the quality of play in Quebec.

McLaughlin had a hard time pointing out what makes it such a skilled community.

“I guess it's because we are creative and we think outside the box,” he said.

“With Jonathan's win, more and more people play poker in Quebec.”

Since making the final table McLaughlin has had to deal with a barrage of media but nothing came close to the reaction from his family.

“My parents are my number one fans for sure!” he said.

“They are positive and confident. They are more stressed than me so I hope they won't get a heart attack!”

McLaughlin admitted he would have preferred to keep playing the Main Event but understands the reasons behind the delay.

“I had good momentum and was really focused, but from a global perspective I think those four months is good for TV and it brings some new players in the game,” he said.

The Montreal resident will enter the final table third in chips with as good a shot as anyone to win.

McLaughlin Preparing for Final with Sit & Goes, CrossFit

Laurence Grondin
Marc Etienne McLaughlin's girlfriend Laurence Grondin

To prepare for the final table McLaughlin has been playing a series of Sit & Goes and live tournaments.

McLaughlin has also been busy playing soccer and hockey in addition to CrossFit and believes it’s important to be prepared physically.

One advantage McLaughlin may have over his competitors is that he has a partner who understands better than most what he’s going through.

McLaughlin is dating poker player Laurence Grondin, who finished third in a 2009 WSOP tournament for $237,537.

Unlike most poker players, McLaughlin actually has more than just poker in his life. He runs a sourcing business with China and later this year plans to launch a series of exports from Quebec to Hong Kong.

McLaughlin also has a real estate business and trades on the stock market.

Whatever happens at the final-table the part-Irish McLaughlin will have a positively riotous group of French Canadian and Irish supporters on the rail.

"There's going to be a theme but it's a surprise," he said.

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