Not much debate over La. pub poker bill

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A Louisiana House bill to legalize pub poker might have made it to the Senate for debate, but there was little discussion before the legislation was moved back to the calendar and into oblivion.

The postponement- passed by a 22-14 Senate vote - means House Bill 484 will likely not be considered during the legislative session.

"I nominate this bill as being the worst bill of the session," said Sen. Ken Hollis, R-Metairie, according to Baton Rouge newspaper, The Advocate. "If you want to have gambling all over Louisiana, vote for this bill. You will have minicasinos everywhere."

The pub poker tournaments would also hurt the charities in the state that currently host Texas Hold'em events as fundraisers, Hollis said.

Sponsored by Rep. Warren Triche, the legislation would allow some 20,000 bars and restaurants in the state to host poker tournaments, provided the business operator doesn't charge and entry fee or take a rake from the table.

No one had the chance to rebut Hollis's condemnation before the senator moved to return the bill to the calendar.

This could all but end Triche's quest to have pub poker legalized in Louisiana, as the bill barely made it through the House in a 48-47 vote on its second try.

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