Norway's Niclas Mjelstad Living Poker Dream at WSOP

Niclas Mjelstad 2
Mjelstad won his buy-in and travel expenses online.

Niclas Mjelsted has been playing poker for nine years and, like all poker players, he's been dreaming of coming to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker the entire time.

This year that dream is coming true.

Mjelstad won a WSOP package online and with a little help from his brother Daniel he's competing in today's $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em event.

“This is definitely something special for me,” Mjelstad told

“I've been watching the WSOP on TV for years so it's amazing to come here and get to play in an event.”

Mjelstad said that when he usually plays live in Europe the dealer is able to show him his cards and move his chips but when he arrived at the World Series of Poker he was told the dealers weren't allowed to help him.

Luckily his brother Daniel made the trip with him and the two have been sat together since the beginning of Day 1.

Mjelstad: “I Love the Gamble”

Just a few minutes before going on break and speaking with Mjelstad made a move with his last 17 big blinds, jamming with A-Q preflop and running into queens.

Mjelstad was able to outflop his opponent and was on his feet as he doubled up to a more comfortable stack size.

Niclas Mjelstad
Niclas (right) with his brother Daniel (left).

He told us gambling is something he loves, and the main reason he's so passionate about poker.

“I really like the gamble. I'll gamble on anything. My friends and I have a list of about 100 things that we're always gambling on.”

But playing poker isn't the only thing Mjelstad was looking forward to about the World Series of Poker.

“It's really cool seeing all the big stars that I've watched on TV. I've been able to watch and learn a lot while I've been here.”

Mjelstad said he's already met Humberto Brenes, Liv Boeree and legendary Norwegian pro Annette Obrestad. He went on to say that Obrestad's victory in the WSOP Europe main event inspired him to play more poker.

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