No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Championship Event #12 played at Lake Tahoe

Jeffrey Lisandro won the 1st place at WSOP Circuit Tour.

173 players vied for the $1,643,500 prize pool of the No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Championship Event held at Lake Tahoe.

At the end of the third day, only 9 players were left to play in the Day Four finale.

Out of the nine players the final table was played by 3 former David Pham (with 1), and Joe Awada (with 1).

Out of the nine players, Joe Awada was the first player to be eliminated after three hours of sweating it he was getting low on chips and moved all-in with A-Q. Awada failed to hit a pair. He received $32,870

George Saca took the 8th place receiving $49,305

George Saca was lowest in chips and made his final stand with 8-8.

David Pham won the 7th place receiving $65,740.

Pham was low on chips and moved all-in on a semi-bluff when his K-Q connected with a flop that came J-10-4. Desperately needing a 9 or an ace for the straight, Pham missed and lost.

Salim Batshon won the 6th place receiving $82,175.

An ace on the river was responsible for Batshon's lost.

Tommy Reed won the 5th place receiving $98,610

Reed started the day last in the chip count, but moved four spots up in the money. Reed was hoping to win the pot with A-K. But Van Alstyne had 6-7 and hit a set of 6. Hence Reed lost out.

Jonathan Shecter won the 4th place receiving $131,480

Jonathan Shecter endured ten long hours and ended up as the 4th-place winner.

James Van Alstyne won the 3rd place receiving $164,350

Van Alstyne began with 10-8 and flopped two pair. Van Alstyne's two pair was blown by a higher two pair when a second deuce rained down on the river. This was the end of Van Alsyne at the final table.

Phil Ivey is the runner up receiving $299,360

Jeffrey Lisandro's pair of 10 made him win the 1st place of the No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Championship. It was the longest final table in WSOPC history.

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