No horsing around for WSOPC Event 10

Jeffery Roberson
Jeffery Roberson, WSOPC Tunica Event 10 winner.

The game of H.O.R.S.E. is serious business in the poker world with the final table of Event 10 of the World Series of Poker Circuit in Tunica emphasizing the point by taking more than six hours to wrap up.

In the end it was Jeffery Roberson finally pulling out the win after a couple different deals were made to settle the matter.

Originally, the event, which saw 32 participants, was only going to pay out to the top three places. However, when six players were left at the final table they cut a deal. The bottom three got $2,000 each with the top three getting a 50%, 30% and 20% cut respectively.

During heads-up play, Roberson and Matthew Kelly cut a second deal giving Kelly another $1,000 to end play and take second place.

"I wanted the ring, but couldn't refuse the offer," Kelly said.

Play in the H.O.R.S.E. event started at 4 p.m. on Thursday and the final table of eight players was at last settled after midnight. They were:

Seat 1: Darrell Carter 39,600

Seat 2: Jeffrey Jones 7,475

Seat 3: Frank Kassela 21,500

Seat 4: Charles Edwards 18,750

Seat 5: Jeffrey Robinson 9,000

Seat 6: Andy Alina 26,000

Seat 7: Harold Coffee 19,000

Seat 8: Matthew Kelly 14,000

All eight soldiered on for quite some time before busting out. Final-table play started in the Seven-Card Stud round with 26 minutes to play. All eight lasted through the round to head into Stud Eight-or-Better and galloped into the No-Limit Hold'em round.

Finally, at about 2:30 a.m. in the Omaha round, the first player at the final table was evicted. Darrell Carter had 2-5-8-9 and flopped two pair when the board came 9-6-2. But another six and ace on the board gave Kelly two pair with his hand of A-4-7-J. Jeffery Jones had a better low, so Kelly and he chopped the pot while Carter headed to the rail.

Everyone else survived the round to head into Razz where Frank Kassela played his last hand. Perhaps in an effort to finally be able to head to bed, Kassel announced he was "just gambling" as he kept playing terrible hands and blowing off chips. Jones finally took him out before the round ended.

Kelly took the chip lead at this point and the deal was made between the final six players. They all made it through to the next Stud Eight-or-Better round, but just as that one was ending, Harold Coffee headed to the rail as well.

On a tough beat, he had (3-7)A-6-A-A to give him trip aces and a draw to a seven. Roberson had (8-2)3-8-Q-8. The river brought Roberson a deuce to give him a full house, while Coffee bricked with a nine.

The switch back to Hold'em was the death knell for Charles Edwards. Holding Q-5, he flopped a queen, but Andy Alina was holding pocket aces. The turn and river didn't help Edwards and he was done.

Jones was the next to go partway through the Hold'em round. Kelly raised, Jones re-raised, and Kelly popped it up again to put him all-in. Kelly turned up A-J, while Jones showed A-5. The board gave them both trip aces, but Kelly's jack turned out to be the winning card for him.

Alina finally left the picture in the next Razz round, losing out to Kelly when his 6-4 was better than Kelly's T-8.

During heads-up play Roberson was down to about 50,000 at one point compared to 105,000 for Kelly before starting the Stud Eight-or-Better round. Then he pulled out a straight in straight and then a flush in the High-Low round giving him the edge.

That's when he made his $1,000 offer to Kelly to finally end the game and call it a night at 7 a.m.

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