No deals for PokerStars Sunday events

The Spoils of War

It's not often that all the major events on Sunday at PokerStars finish without some sort of deal being made, but that was the case this week as each of them played out to the very end. The big winner was SAM66, who won more than $200,000 for taking down the Sunday Million.

More than 8,000 players turned out for the Sunday Million this week, with 1,233 of them earning money from the event. The top two players earned a six-figure cash.

SAM66 topped them all to take home $209,571.60. It came down to the Swiss player versus Shantaram, from France, in heads-up play.

On the final hand Shantaram went all-in with T 9 against SAM66's A 6. Facing a 7-1 chip deficit, Shantaram needed to win this race, but when the board came 5 3 3 6 J, he was out, pocketing more than $140,000 for second place.

The final table played out as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st SAM66 Switzerland $209,571.60
2nd Shantaram France $141,718.50
3rd MrMuck1976 Norway $95,337.90
4th rubenrtv Netherlands $77,301
5th pepperdiablo United Kingdom $60,123
6th my_emolument United States $42,945
7th moorten Sweden $30,061.50
8th Axinar United States $19,754.70
9th Cjh1224 United States $13,398.84

There was a noticeable international flavor at the Sunday Million this week, as there was at other major events at PokerStars. On occasion the final tables seem heavy with players from the United States, but this week there were players from all over Europe and Canada as well.

The other major PokerStars Sunday events played out as follows:

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st eisenhower1 Sweden $97,664
2nd seberek Greece $69,760
3rd hanji Canada $45,692.80
4th nukemaster1 Canada $34,880
5th AyeReady1966 United Kingdom $27,904
6th AA_Legend United Kingdom $20,928
7th bartleby666 Germany $14,998.40
8th ryanfitz05 United States $10,464
9th truls77 Norway $6,766.72

Sunday Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st ftb_1988 United States $23,826.01
2nd SickLord66 United States $16,678.21
3rd Havana03 Germany $11,913.01
4th MHysler United States $9,530.41
5th SvenOLDB Germany $7,147.81
6th ncav08 United Kingdom $4,765.21
7th NuKEr2k Russian Federation $3,573.91
8th SingleFileD United States $2,382.61
9th retros94 France $1,786.96

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st Taknapotin United States $57,766
2nd uncledrkmeat United States $43,494.40
3rd P0ker D0h United States $32,450.90
4th Rugieee Germany $23,786
5th voyager7o9 United States $16,990
6th v1nc Netherlands $13,592
7th Universe112 United States $10,194
8th mcatdog United States $6,796
9th Brezi26 Czech Republic $4,757.20

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout

1. BrynKenney (United States) $45,000.00

For more information about these and other features the poker site has to offer, visit PokerStars.

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