No Antonius? LarsLuzak will have to do

Tom Dwan
A friend of Finland?

Finnish online player Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro is doing a great job of keeping Tom "durrrr" Dwan busy until Patrik Antonius is finally able to begin the "durrrr Challenge."

Although there were rumors the Challenge would begin on Thursday, Antonius has since mentioned that his Internet connection (he is currently in Thailand) is intermittent at best.

Meanwhile Kelopuro and Dwan have been playing a ton of hands versus each other in the early stages of 2009.

Although Dwan has had the edge in Hold'em, the most recent session saw Kelopuro come out slightly ahead. (Kelopuro was rumored to be way ahead in Pot-Limit Omaha, although not necessarily against durrrr.)


In the biggest hand of the night Kelopuro was dealt A Q on the button while Dwan received K 5. Dwan was relentless in his bluffing but Kelopuro (who was aided by a lucky river card) ended up making a good call in the end to rake a +$100,000 pot.

Check out exactly how the action went down in the PokerListings hand replayer below.

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Just click on the icon to see durrrr lose $100k

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