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Evelyn Ng
If only you could see the shoes...

With the unfortunate timing of a move back to Las Vegas falling right at the beginning of the 2007 WSOP, Evelyn Ng had nothing but a couple of quick flameouts to show for her two appearances so far.

Until yesterday.

Now fully settled in her new place, Ng's starting to come around and showing it, playing strong and building up a stack yesterday early in her third event, $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em. ran into Ng outside the Amazon Room and she was kind enough to answer a few questions about her success yesterday - and in her poker career.

Hi Evelyn, how's the series going so far?

So far, well, this is only my third event. The other two events I played a total of three hours. (Laughs.) But this event I'm doing ok. Things look pretty good.

Any good hands so far to recount?

In the beginning I had great hands. I must have had aces like, eight times, and I only got a little bit of action on one of them. But early on in the tournament I doubled up set over set, so that was nice. I've had really good players at my table… and luckily, most of them have gone broke.

Anyone we know?

Well, starting out I had Andy Black at my table.

That's a tough table.

All of them are gone now.

Do you have their chips?

Well I knocked out Mark Vos and Andy Black.

Nice. Remember the hands?

Against Andy Black I knocked him out when I was big blind and had 5-6 of hearts. The flop came 6-4-3. And so Mark was the small blind and he led out and I just called, and he called. The turn came ten of hearts so I had second pair, an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw. Mark checked, I made a big bet and Andy moved in for like, not that much more, and I called. I knew he probably had me beat but I had a lot of outs, and I hit my flush draw. So I knocked out Andy.

And then against Mark Vos… oh, he limped in and I made a raise and he moved in over top of me. I only had pocket jacks so I kind of thought about it for a minute and I called. He had K-5. So that held up. And I had some chips… like, early on, in level two, I had like 28,000 already. And then, I've just been kinda up and down.

Where do you sit right now?

I think about $33,000.

Nice. Good start. So, let's switch gears a bit. Tell us a bit about your recent move back to Las Vegas and your plans for the rest of the series.

Well I was living in Los Angeles for about a year, but now I've moved back to Vegas. And now that I'm all situated and settled in, I'm really looking forward to playing as many events as I can.

So you're really going to max out. More than three I guess.

Ha, yeah. Well, I only play the Hold'em events.

Yeah, nothing else?

Not really. I mean I know the other games, but not enough that I really want to burn myself out playing all the events that I can. I like to take, you know, a couple of events off here and there. Hopefully I make enough Day 2s I don't have to play all of them. (Laughs.)

Exactly. So what do you think of the tent? Have you played in the tent yet?

Oh, the tent is like, hell. It's like a little, microcosm, sauna. I was sitting in there, I was not on tilt, sitting completely still, not moving and I was sweating. (Laughs.) That's not good for poker.

Yeah I heard them announcing the regular 7 p.m. tournament out there, and the guy was really trying to sell the idea it was cool in there. Like, really overselling it.

Well, at night it's not so bad; it's quiet in there. But I'm a skinny girl. (Laughs.) I can't imagine what the big guys are going through in there. It's pretty miserable. And then when they finally broke my table, they moved me to another pavilion table.

So what else is going on with you, still with Bodog of course.

Yeah, I'm very happy with Bodog. You know, stick with the Canadians.

Did you see David take the $5k at the Bellagio yesterday?

Yeah, I walked in on Day 1 and he was chip leader and everyone's playing, but he was like sitting out at the bar talking to a girl (laughs), and I'm like, "Why aren't you in there," and he goes "Well, I got a lot of chips. I'm the chip leader."

That's when you know you got the tournament handled, when you're out getting drinks.

Ha, yeah...

So what else is on your mind these days, doing anything outside of poker?

Well, you know, I work with Bodog. I try to play on Bodog whenever I can, I make appearances for them. I'm actually going to do an appearance in Toronto during the H.O.R.S.E. event, just like a corporate appearance.

The whole team or just you?

Just me.

So you're the superstar…

Well, everyone else wants to play the H.O.R.S.E event, and I don't want to put up the $50,000. (Laughs.) Especially for games I don't specialize in.

For sure. What was the best tournament you played last year, which tournament do you like the most?

Well, I like to play the $25,000 at Bellagio because you get so much play. It's, you know, a really high caliber of player. The money is also very enticing, obviously. But I had to miss it this year. I had another appearance.

So what do you think of the structure at the Series here this year?

You know, I actually preferred the structure last year when we were single, dollar-for-dollar in chips. This year we have several chips to start with, but it turns out to be less of a crapshoot in the beginning, more of a crapshoot at the end, which I think is a little bit backwards logic.

So what would you suggest? For next year, what do you think they should do?

I would say if they're going to keep it double chips, then keep the levels in that we're missing in the early rounds. Either that or go back to single chips and the original tournament structure, 'cause I though that was fine.

What do you think will happen for the Main Event? How many people do you think will play?

Well, this year there are only three Day 1s and last year there were four, but I can't believe they would expect less people. So I'm not sure. I can't see it being a smaller number than last year. Ultimately though, the Main Event should be at least $25,000, to be equal to the Bellagio Championship. You know, to keep down the riff raff (laughs), but the World Series is definitely the most prestigious, just nostalgia-wise, the history behind it.

Yeah for sure. It definitely has the cachet value. But it does have a lot of well, hacks, right?


$25,000 does keep the riff raff out, so is that maybe a solution for the Series events - raise the buy-ins to keep the caliber a little higher, or do you like the way it is?

Well, for me, no. I don't personally prefer spending more than $10,000 on a Main Event, but I do think it loses a little bit of the, you know, the World Championship status, being the biggest, most prestigious, money-wise, people-wise.

Well, I'll let you get back to your table. Anything else you want to say, how are you feeling these days?

I feel great! (Laughs.) I'm pumped. I'm ready to win a bracelet. I've got lots of jewelry, but no World Series bracelet. I haven't cashed yet, but I'm hoping to cash this one. It looks like I'll make the money. I'm over average in chips but not by much.

For now right, but we'll see at the end of the night...


That's awesome, thanks so much Evelyn. I appreciate the time.

No problem.


Day 2 is just getting underway in the Amazon Room, and you can keep track of Evelyn's progress over in the Live Tournaments Section.

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