New Web site will help addicted online gamblers

More help is on the way for online gamblers who think they may be addicted. As of today, Internet gamblers can now sign-up on the Global Self Exclusion Database (GSED) Web site which will then prevent them from opening an account with an online gambling site.

The site works on a voluntary basis, with a person inputting their contact information on the GSED application page where their records are then automatically submitted to the GSED database. The person also chooses how long they want to keep their account active ranging from one year up to a lifetime.

During that term, if a person on the self-exclusion list attempts to open an account with an online gambling site, Aristotle International's Integrity:OnLine, creators of the GSED, will not return an approval code to the merchant for them to authenticate the person attempting to open an account.

Aristotle is the leading national and global provider of online age and identity verification services through its Integrity:OnLine system. The GSED will be handled just like any verification from a gambling website, and the reason for rejecting the verification, which could be for anything from underage access to using a false ID or a criminal record, won't be specified to the merchant in order to insulate the identity and protect the confidentiality of the list members.

According to John Phillips, chief executive of Aristotle, the database comes at a time when the internet is making it easier for people to gamble and could make addicts of those who didn't even know they had a gambling problem.

People can remove their names from the list by submitting a request to the GSED administration panel. A black-out period of seven days is required before any name is officially purged in order to protect against on-the-fly changes to the database.

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