New products make poker portable

These days you don't need a felt table and a stack of chips to see some poker action. Now you can go all-in or call a competitor's bluff at the bus stop, on coffee breaks and in the comfort of home.

Capitalizing on the growing popularity of poker, companies are developing products that make the game more accessible and easier to understand.

This year, why not compete in the World Series of Poker on your cell phone? Glu, a mobile entertainment company, has partnered with Harrah's to create a WSOP for cell phones. Players can pick up tips and compete against pros like Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Scott Fischman.

The game includes a poker adviser and lets players select from a two- to eight-person tournament mode to play with mobile gamers worldwide.

Or if you'd rather, check out one of Apple's nine iPod games, "Texas Hold'em Poker." For $4.99, players can tote an instant hand of poker in their MP3 players. Seven tournaments complete with realistic characters are available for play using the portable Mac version of the game.

But if honing your poker skills and finesse for live gaming is top priority, look no further than the nearest DVD player.

Official Poker, Inc. recently released a DVD series featuring tricks using cards and chips. The product includes an encyclopedia of card and chip-handling techniques that teach viewers how to shuffle with flair, make dramatic card reveals and look like a poker pro.

The series, entitled "Teaching You the Flashy Side of the Game!" is available in a box set for $39.99 and is available in stores worldwide or online.

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