New poker association and tour launched in U.K.

The world's first combined poker association and tour, the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, will host its inaugural event, the English Amateur Poker Championship, at the Broadway Casino in Birmingham, England, Sept. 23 and 24.

The association and tour was created by Amateur Poker Limited in association with The tour portion allows APAT members to take part in a series of high profile events with low entry fees. Sponsorship funding will help increase the value of prizes for the events.

"I'm delighted to be associated with the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, which I believe is a significant new development in European poker," said Tony Kendall, APAT chairman.

"The APAT will quickly become 'the' affordable proving ground for players wanting to realise their potential in high quality live events, and a guaranteed added value prize pool is great news for everyone. I look forward to welcoming players of all abilities to the APAT, and if it's your first time in a casino environment, then we're going to give you a truly memorable experience."

The Association plans to consult with gaming and industry bodies to discuss standardization of rules, player friendly structures and event sponsorship to enhance the player experience at all of their events.

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