New hand history app released for iPhone

Hold'Em Hand History App
The hand-replayer feature of the new Hold'Em Hand History applicaiton.

iPhone using poker players will have a new way to record their live hands thanks to a poker application just released by 32nd Degree.

Hold'Em Hand History provides a simple interface for players to quickly record all the details of a live poker hand from start to finish.

After saving the details of a hand, users then have the option to review it by watching an animated replay on their iPhone.

Users can then upload the details of the hand to the Hold'em Hand History website where they can share the hand with friends or embed it on other websites. Viewers have the option to comment on the uploaded hand.

The new app supports both tournament and cash game hands. Users can also record details like blind level, number of players at the table, stack sizes, hole cards, board cards, preflop/flop/turn/river actions for each player as well as the showdown results.

Hold'Em Hand History can be downloaded for free in the Apple iTunes App Store. A demonstration video of the application in action can be found on the Hold'Em Hand History website here.

This is 32nd Degree's second attempt at a poker application as they also released League Ace which helps users set up poker leagues.

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