New deposit option emerges at Full Tilt Poker

The aftermath of the NETeller withdrawal from the American market is still to be completely sorted; some accounts and payouts remain in stasis and no definitive alternative has emerged as the preferred substitute. Full Tilt Poker may have got the ball rolling, however, with the introduction of MyWebATM.

The new payment and withdrawal option was recently posted on the site with a ringing endorsement, calling MyWebATM the "fastest and easiest way to transfer funds from your bank account to your Full Tilt Poker player account."

Essentially, the service allows you to transfer funds directly from your own personal bank account to a MyWebATM account, a full-service online bank account "instantly accessible for use on Full Tilt Poker."

Conversely, you can also withdraw funds from your player account back to your MyWebATM account, then either use them at any store or ATM around the world that uses the Cirrus network, or transfer them back to your personal bank account.

You'll receive a physical MyWebATM card in the mail for store and ATM use, and funds can only be accessed using a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

There's a $3.95 monthly service fee, as well as transaction fees ranging from $1.75 for a domestic point-of-sale transaction to $5.00 for a card-to-card transfer.

Limits for withdrawals and deposits range from $500 to $2,700 for the most part, with a maximum of $9,700 for "registered" cards.

For a full explanation of the sign-up process and service fees, visit Full Tilt Poker or

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