Nevada, Delaware Open Borders for Shared Poker Player Pools

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It’s the first step in what could be a game-changer in regards to online poker in the United States.

Nevada and Delaware will officially share their respective player pools for online poker starting today. and three Delaware-based casinos, which also run on 888poker software, are the first sites that will allow players from both Nevada and Delaware to play against each other.

Before the merger Delaware had a shockingly-low player pool and sometimes averaged just seven players per day. At certain times of the day it was almost impossible to find a game.

Huge Boost for Delaware Poker Players

Greg Merson
New Jersey next?

Thanks to the addition of Nevada players, anyone who plays in Delaware will now have access to online poker 24/7.

Players in Nevada will be able to play cash games, Sit & Go’s and MTT.

One weird exception is Limit games, which is a glitch that’s currently being ironed out by software developers.

It’s still considered a soft launch with more improvements to come over time.

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the three states that have legalized online poker.

While Delaware was a good first step, combining New Jersey and Nevada player pools might finally provide enough momentum to really kick-start US poker on a larger scale. As of yet there's been no word about when, or even if, the two big poker markets will merge.

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