NETeller money release delayed

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton is one of the many U.S. customers who will be disappointed in delays in getting their money from NETeller.

Friday was supposed to be the big day at NETeller for U.S. customers - the day the investigation of NETeller would be concluded and they would find out when they're getting their money back. Unfortunately, it looks like they'll be waiting a little bit longer.

The investigation is still taking place, with NETeller's cooperation, and recently John Lefebvre, founder of the company, joined co-founder Stephen Lawrence in pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy for transferring funds for the purpose of illegal online gambling.

"The company believes that these and other recent developments will likely delay its efforts to resolve the investigation by a short period," stated a press release from the NETeller board of directors today. "A further update will be given on July 13, 2007."

In the meantime, millions of dollars slated for U.S. customers is still unavailable to online poker players and other gamblers who won it online.

Isaac Haxton, who came in second at the WPT Caribbean Adventure in January 2007, told he has nearly $800,000 of his winnings from that live tournament frozen in NETeller because it was processed through

There's also a group of online poker players called the NETeller Customer Coalition who have a total of no less than $500,000 locked up in the e-wallet service as well.

Online gambling customers won't be the only ones disappointed by NETeller news this week either. Shareholders won't be happy to find out the company's stock is being delisted from AIM.

Trade has been suspended on NETeller shares since January 16, 2007, and now it will be removed from the FTSE AIM All-Share index, FTSE AIM 100 index and FTSE AIM U.K. 50 effective July 16.

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