Negreanu finds another online outlet for feelings

Daniel Negreanu's diary isn't locked with a tiny key and secreted away under his mattress. During the World Series of Poker, fans of the pro player can tap into his psyche through a series of online video journals.

The Las Vegas-based Internet television channel is broadcasting short webisodes filmed daily with Kid Poker at the WSOP.

The three-time gold bracelet winner will be as candid and forthcoming as always as he chats about preparing for the Main Event, spills his guts about his latest game and plans what to do during his down time from the seven-week series.

Negreanu is already known for his accessibility to fans through his written blog, his "Kid Poker Vlog" on and his series of television appearances.

His outspoken nature and celebrity have only helped grow a larger audience for all his projects; last year, Negreanu's WSOP video blogs were viewed by more than 100,000 unique visitors each day.

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