Museum uses poker game to bring out ghost

For four months now, volunteers at the Museum of the Mysteries in Seattle have hosted lock-ins on Friday and Saturday evenings to play poker in hopes it will bring out a ghost believed to be residing there.

The museum is composed of a mix of paranormal artifacts including Sasquatch footprints, photos of crop circles and Ouija boards. It's also believed that the museum contains the ghost of Alexander Dunnovitch who was an avid gambler during the Prohibition era.

Dunnovitch was stabbed to death in 1939 and is thought to haunt the museum which people believe was once a speakeasy.

Now people pay $5 to come and play in poker games from 10 p.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, hoping that the play will spark the ghosts interest and bring him out. As the game gets underway, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors are used to look for any spikes in energy which can indicate ghostly action.

During the games, spikes of energy have been picked up by the EMF detectors when players get to laughing and having a good time, but common devices such as cell phones can also cause changes in the EMF detectors.

But Maryanne Snyder, a local medium, is convinced the activity is from the ghost, who gets his own chair, cards and chips at the poker table.

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