WSOPC rewards motorcycle racer, football king

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Here's your latest poker nursery rhyme: A motorcycle racer, a fantasy football expert, a maintenance man and a tournament rookie go to Atlantic City. A week later, they're celebrating all over New York and New Jersey, four unlikely champs at the World Series of Poker Circuit Series at Caesars Atlantic City.

Poker is the new Statue of Liberty: The beacon in the work-a-day harbour, calling out to the huddled masses and drawing them ever closer to the American Dream.

And they're coming in droves.

In this case, to Caesars Atlantic City for the WSOP Circuit Series; cash in their pockets and WSOP fantasies rolling through their minds.

And it's paying off. For some.

Here are the the latest champions from the WSOP Circuit series at Caesars:

Bob Willis, a professional motorcycle racer of ten years from Bellmawr, N.J., who took the top prize from 510 players in Event 4, $500+$60 No-Limit Hold'em.

Avdo Djokovic, a Staten Island-by-way-of Kosovo maintenance business owner, who topped 430 aspirants in Event 5, $400+$30 No-Limit Hold'em.

Robert "Zmen" Zarzycki, the top-ranked fantasy football expert in the nation, who weaved his way through 1,155 hopefuls in the $300+$40 No-Limit event.

And perhaps the most unlikely winner of them all, Patricia A. Smolko; the newly-anointed Ladies No-Limit Hold'em ladies champ, who was playing in her first poker tournament ever.

And also perhaps most indicative of poker's upswing, she topped a field of 398 women - almost double the number of players from last year.

Following are the rest of the recent results from the undeniably booming WSOPC at Caesars Atlantic City, with still the big $5,000 finale to come.

Event 7 - Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship $200+$30

1stPatricia A. Smolko$24,676
2nd Leah Slattery $12,736
3rd Debbie Kindt $6,368
4th Dawn-Marie Schatz $5,572
5th Barbara Capron $4,776
6th Aena Kana $3,980
7th Lisa Kramer $3,184
8th Malika Benson $2,388
9th Jean Tharpe $1,592

Event 6 - No-Limit Hold'em $300+$40

1stRobert "Zmen" Zarzycki$90,075
2nd Mike Kalfa $47,815
3rd Steven "Scotch" Crawford $27,720
4th Rob Flesher $24,255
5th Rich Johnson $20,790
6th Mickey Meehan $17,325
7th Mike Wuest $13,860
8th Warren Wiggins $10,395
9th Ivan Carter $6,930

Event 5 - No-Limit Hold'em $1,000+$80

1stAvdo Djokovic$133,300
2nd Eugene Fouksman $68,800
3rd Nat Kuey $34,400
4th Sang Tae $30,100
5th Douglas Cressi $25,800
6th Steven Rodriguez $21,500
7th Matt Brady $17,200
8th Russell Crane $12,900
9th Richard Davidson $8,600

Event 4 - No-Limit Hold'em $500+$60

1stBob Willis$76,500
2nd David Santitoro $41,055
3rd Derek Buonano $20,400
4th Mike O'Dea $17,850
5th Gary Crow $15,300
6th J.J. Hurley $12,750
7th Joseph Priolo $10,200
8th Marc Freund $7,650
9th Shawn Nguyen $5,100

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