More Pennsylvania poker players robbed

More than $8,000 was stolen from over a dozen poker players this past Sunday, reported this week. About 15 players were competing in a private game in a warehouse in Allentown, Pa., early Sunday morning when three armed robbers entered the premises and held the players at gunpoint.

The thieves made off with $8,400 in cash, credit cards, car keys, jewelry, and cell phones about 5 minutes after the robbery began, said Lt. Daryl Hendricks of the Allentown police force.

Police were informed of the crime shortly after it took place by a man who was playing pool inside the warehouse during the robbery. Police then spoke with three men who had gone to the warehouse in search of a game and encountered the robbers when they knocked on the door.

The three men, Majed Obied, Taleh Dayoub, and Tarek Dayoub, told police a robber "opened the door, pointed a gun at them, and demanded they come in." They said they ran from the warehouse, and in the process Obied fell and injured his knee.

When police arrived at the scene they found poker tables and about 15 poker players. About 11 people have reported being robbed.

Police have not named any suspects in the case.

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