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Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold wants to be a "great ambassador for the game of poker" but admits that he hasn't been since winning the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event. Gold made the revelation in a newly released interview on the Las Vegas-based Internet-only TV channel,

No one can question Jamie Gold's victory in the 2006 WSOP: He was a major chip leader from an early stage of the tournament and dominated the final table from start to finish.

Many people, however, have criticized Gold's behavior both during and after the Main Event. In the interview, Gold admits to making a lot of mistakes.

"I accept the fact that I did not handle the whole World Series of Poker victory thing very well. I really screwed some things up," Gold said in the video.

"There are several times where, as the guys from Wicked Chops so aptly put it, that I monkey-f***ed a football when it came to handling my success."

Gold also said in the video interview that both he and his former business partner Crispin Leyeser could have handled the dispute over the $12 million WSOP prize check better. The two just recently came to an agreement.

Seven months have gone since Jamie Gold became world champion of poker, and he thinks it's about time for him to start making things right.

"I won the biggest money prize in sports history. It is now my responsibility to be a great ambassador for the game of poker."

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