Moon, Ivey, Buchman favored at WSOP final table

Phil Ivey

Sports betting sites Betfair and PartyBets have Darvin Moon, Eric Buchman and Phil Ivey pegged as favorites to win the 2009 WSOP Main Event on the eve of the final table.

As of Friday PartyBets had Ivey and Buchman at 4:1 right behind Moon who is 10:3.

Moon has six times the chips of Ivey but bettors seem to unable to resist the allure of Ivey who is billed as the world's best poker player.

Earlier this week Ivey briefly moved into position as the outright favorite to win the Main Event but Moon quickly regained his spot as the favorite.

"There will be a lot of punters out there sweating Ivey and a lot of bookies praying that he doesn't get the early double-up that is essential for him to make a remarkable comeback from seventh in chips," said a PartyBets spokesperson. "If Ivey achieves what punters think he can it will be the worst poker result in bookmaking history."

Buchman is tied with Ivey but has more than three times Ivey's stack. Meanwhile PartyBets didn't put much faith in Frenchman Antoine Saout winning the contest as he is 16:1 despite having nearly the same amount of chips as Ivey.

Betfair also has Moon, Ivey and Buchman listed as the top three favorites to win the 2009 Main Event as of Friday.

The key difference is that the site ranks Moon as the odds-on favorite at 4:1, Buchman second at 9:2 and Ivey in third at 6:1.

Of course the best bet would have been Ivey before the summer began. There was a point when Ivey was listed as an extreme long-shot at 175:1. That number has done nothing but go down since the 2009 WSOP began.

The 2009 WSOP final table begins tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. PST. Play will continue until heads-up when the two remaining players will go on an extended break and then return on Monday at 10 p.m. PST and then play to a winner.

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Click here to see the last minute PartyBets odds and here for the Betfair odds.

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