Monte Carlo satellites continue at Betfair Poker

The European Poker Tour (EPT) Grand Final at Monte Carlo is just a few short weeks away, and Betfair Poker still has two more satellites through which poker players can win a seat. The final two satellites will be March 10 and 17 at 9:30 p.m. (GMT).

The final satellites have a $500+$25 buy-in with at least one $16,000 prize package guaranteed. The prize package includes the €10,000 ($13,000) buy-in for the main event as well as $3,000 to cover travel, accommodations and spending money.

Level 1 feeders for the final qualifier cost $9+90¢ and will get players into the Level 2 feeders, which otherwise would cost them $70+$7. Players from there will be entered into the final qualifier.

The latest member of Team Betfair to be added for the EPT Grand final is doobs.

After winning his Monte Carlo prize package he said, "It'll be a little tougher to make moves against Ivey and company. I hope I can continue my run of form."

Later the same evening after his win, doobs also won the Betfair Poker $50,000 guaranteed tournament.

"I doubt I will have a weekend like that for a while, but if I could repeat that luck for just one weekend, I hope it is the one at the end of March when I am in Monte Carlo," doobs said.

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