Monster Pot Recap: Sauce123 Tops Sahamies in $167k Clash

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky rivered a broadway straight to stack Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies for $167k in the biggest pot on PokerStars last night.

Sahamies was mid-way through a seven-hour, 1,396-hand session when he started a heads-up table of $100/$200 PLO against Sulsky.

The pair played for about 30-minutes before this beast of a hand occurred.

Sauce123, sitting on $125k, opened a pot for $500 and Sahamies, who had $83k behind, opted to 3-bet to $1,680.

Sulsky called and that brought a K J 7 flop. Sahamies immediately fired another $3,383 into the pot but Sulsky raised to $11k.

The Finn called and the turn came 8. This time Sahamies checked but Sulsky kept the pressure on by throwing $16,666 into the pot.

That prompted yet another call from Sahamies and the board finished with the Q.

Sahamies shoved for his last $54k and Sauce123 snap-called with what turned out to be the stone-cold nuts.

Ilari Sahamies: Q 8 T 3 (two-pair)

Ben Sulsky: A T 9 3 (ace-high straight)

The river ended up being one of the worst cards possible for Sahamies as he hit two-pair while Sulsky finally completed his broadway straight.

Check below to see exactly how the pot played out in our hand-replayer.

Sahamies continued playing after the table broke and despite booking a few wins in the 6-Max games that included Fake Love888, toweliestar and Ben86 he never really recovered from the Sulsky session and finished as the night’s biggest loser with $186k in damage. That undid a lot of the good work Sahamies did yesterday.

Meanwhile Sauce123 did just fine ending his night with $142k in profit on PokerStars.

Ben86 (+$148k) and Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen (+$73k) were the other two notable big winners last night while Zypherin (-$143k) and Fake Love888 (-$73k) continued to bleed money in the high stakes games this year.

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