Monster Pot Recap: Amit Wins 'Saucy' $85k Pot

Rafi Amit
Rafi Amit

The high stakes games may have slowed last night but you’d never know it from this $85k monster pot between Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky and Rafi Amit.

Amit and Sulsky plowed through 1,248 hands of $100/$200 Heads-Up Pot-Limit Omaha on PokerStars last night and there were a number of haymakers thrown throughout the session. 

None could top the following hand, however, which took place just after midnight EST.

Sauce123 entered the hand with $107,742 to Amit’s $42,898.

Amit, who plays on PokerStars as refaelamit, opened for $580, Sauce123 three-bet to $1,920 and Amit four-bet to $4,120.

Finally Sulsky decided to end the betting by just calling.

The flop came 7 6 5 and then the real fireworks started.

Sauce123 checked but Amit immediately fired for $5,800. Sulsky check-raised to $13,400 and Amit re-raised to $17,400.

At this point Sauce123 decided to just jam, easily covering Amit. Amit eventually made the call and the cards were on their backs.

Amit: 8 6 5 4 (eight-high straight)

Sulsky: T 9 8 6 (nine-high straight)

It’s always hard to get far ahead in PLO but in this case Sulsky had Amit crushed. According to our pot odds calculator Sulsky had a stranglehold on the hand and was a 79.52% favorite to win with his better straight.

Amit did have some outs as they headed to the turn, however, with full house possibilities and a backdoor flush draw.

The turn was the K, which quickly put to rest any weird flush draws, but the river was a thundering 6 giving Amit a boat and the pot. He ended up raking in $85,794 thanks to the lucky river card.

It wasn’t all bad for Sauce123, however, as he would eventually finish the session as the ultimate winner with $80,429 in profit.

Sauce123 is off to an exceptional start in 2012 and has already picked up $671k in the first month of online poker.

Be sure to check our online poker stats section for more information but in the meantime you can see exactly how the hand played out in our hand-replayer below:

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