Monday night poker: FTOPS X results

Roland De Wolfe

After another day of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, tournament players took home over $1.75 million across the day's two tournaments: a $300 Mixed Hold'em followed by a $1,000 NLHE.

The $300+$22 Mixed Hold'em tournament, hosted by Roland De Wolfe, sported a $250,000 prize pool. With only 677 buying their way into the event, Full Tilt graciously added over $30,000 to the prize pool, making for a healthy overlay.

Julian Gardner finished in 50th place, meaning he was the only red-letter pro to make the money. The winner's share of the prize pool, along with the prestigious Full Tilt FTOPS bracelet, went to winner MrMudd76, with a win worth $57,500.

Here's how the final table shaped up:

Place Player $
1 MrMudd76 $57,500
2 --DONKEY1965-- $36,250
3 Hooligan Sponge $26,875
5 swd805 $15,625
6 Don_Timon $11,250
7 tysonm $7,500
8 AllAboutHonour $5,850
9 roundhouse22 $4,250

A total of 1,469 players came out for the second event, a $1,000+$60 No-Limit Hold'em freeze-out with a huge $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool. Although the event's host, David Singer, didn't make it into the money, many red-letter Full Tilt pros did, including Bruce Buffer (159th), HuckleberrySeed (156th), Eddy Scharf (105th), PearlJammed (99th) and dmmikkel (95th).


The event's winner, and now proud owner of $322,500, was a player with the nickname agriffrod, beating RHINOWNED heads-up.

Place Player $
1 agriffrod $322,500
2 RHINOWNED $204,000
3 MlapSnarf $151,500
4 daCav04 $120,000
5 coronel $90,000
6 Kupokupo $64,500
7 Schoitl $42,000
8 Misconduct44 $30,000
9 Jagz7 $21,000

With Tuesday's events having come to a finish, your next chance to get into the action is Wednesday's $200+$16 PLO8, followed by the $300+$22 NL Hold'em Six-Max Rebuy.

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