Mobile poker introduced on BlackBerry

Fortuna Gaming (U.K.) Limited, a subsidiary of Fortuna Gaming Corp., announced this week the introduction of "Mobile Gold," a new 10-hand version of Fortuna's existing Texas Hold'em product. Mobile Gold is available on the new BlackBerry 8700 series.

"Fortuna's Mobile Gold will attract a wider 'for free' player base because of its use of the BlackBerry technology in North America," says Dallas Robinson, vice president of marketing at Fortuna. "We believe, based on Mobile Gaming Now's ('MGN'), research, that this will prove to be a lucrative move for the company, and consistent with our strategic plan, will enhance the player's experience and game satisfaction wherever their location."

MGN is the developer of the mobile Texas Hold'em product, which was built specifically by MGN for the BlackBerry 8700 series mobile phone. The BlackBerry 8700c is the first handset available in Research in Motion's ('RIM') new range of Intel-based smartphones, and is described as the fastest BlackBerry yet.

"We're very impressed with the new BlackBerry 8700 series. With its speed, new screen size and clear graphics, we felt it would be a perfect device to launch our new Gold Mobile game," said Mark Jensen, CEO of Mobile Gaming Now. "The new Gold Mobile is a 10-hand mobile game with high quality graphics. It's our top-of-the-line mobile game. Players can also use the other BlackBerry devices to play our games."

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