Michael Mizrachi in Control at WPT Five Diamond Day 2

Michael Mizrachi
Michael Mizrachi is looking for his third WPT open-event title.

The World Poker Tour Five Diamond Classic has made it to Day 3 with decorated pro Michael “Grinder” Mizrachi leading the 176 who survived.

Mizrachi, who has an astounding $14.2 million in live tournament earnings, finished Day 2 with 272,600. With two WPT main event titles under his belt already Grinder is looking for number three in Las Vegas this weekend.

Day 2 of the Five Diamond saw the end of the unlimited re-entry period, which ran all the way until the eighth level of the tournament.

A new format for the WPT, unlimited re-entry was met with a mixed reception from players. Despite complaints that it would give better players with bigger bankrolls an unfair advantage, unlimited re-entry helped boost registration to a total of 504.

That number crushes the 413 that played this tournament in 2011 and while the official numbers have yet to be released, we know the first-place prize will be significantly larger than the $821,000 James Dempsey won last year.

54 players in total will be paid with the money bubble expected to burst sometime on Day 3.

Joining Mizrachi on the leaderboard as this event plays down to the money are big names like Chino Rheem, Ty Reiman, Vanessa Selbst and WPT presenter Tony “Bond18” Dunst.

Vanessa Selbst
Vanessa Selbst is eying her first WPT title.

Here are the top ten chip counts after Day 2:

1. Michael Mizrachi – 272,600
2. Frank Rusnak – 255,900
3. Arthur Morris – 242,000
4. Warwick Mirzikinian – 232,200
5. Ravi Raghaven – 211,500
6. Chino Rheem – 209,000
7. Ty Reiman – 202,700
8. Vanessa Selbst – 202,100
9. Tony Dunst – 201,400
10. Sorel Mizzi – 198,600

Four Entries Not Enough for Trickett, Negreanu

Some players embraced the unlimited re-entry concept more than others but despite spending the equivalent of a mid-range sedan on buy-ins, it wasn’t enough to get a few of them through Day 2.

Sam Trickett bought in four times for $10k a pop and busted each and every starting stack.

The Brit’s fourth elimination came by way of a preflop all-in with pocket kings against A-K. Considering Trickett finished runner up in the Big One for One Drop this summer for over $10 million it’s safe to say he can take the hit.

Daniel Negreanu also bought in four times in this event but busted his last bullet late on Day 2. Kid Poker opened J-J with a roughly 46-big-blind stack and got the rest of his stack in on a J-T-6 suited board.

Unfortunately for the Canuck his opponent had flopped a king-high flush. Negreanu failed to boat up.

Also among the players busted on Day 2 were Maria Ho, Xuan Liu, Ashton Griffin, Jonathan Little, Tommy Vedes, Cliff Josephy, Joe Cheong, Marvin Rettenmaier and David “ODB” Baker.

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