Million Dollar Hand returns to PartyPoker

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

One of PartyPoker's most popular promotions is making a comeback.

The Million Dollar Hand returns on Oct. 5 with players once again getting a chance to win $1 million from bonus cards they are dealt.

The promotion works by awarding one random playing card for every 15 PartyPoints players generate at the PartyPoker real money tables.

Once players have collected enough bonus cards they can attempt to make a five-card hand of one-pair or better and receive a prize.

If any player is able to make a royal flush, PartyPoker will pay out $1 million to the lucky player.

"The Million Dollar Hand makes a welcome return and the cards are in the air on Oct. 5," said a spokesman.

"A royal flush hasn't hit on a previous running yet but we have certainly scared our insurers with a number of straight flush payouts. This time we might not be so lucky!"

The promotion starts with players getting their first card for free. Points are not deducted from players' accounts when they earn cards and the points still count toward Palladium Lounge targets.

There are some limits on the promotion as players will only be able to reveal a maximum of two hands per day and 52 across the whole of the promotion period. The promo spans from Oct. 5 to Oct. 30, 2009.

The structure for Million Dollar Hand payouts is as follows:

Royal flush - $1,000,000
Straight flush - $10,000
Four of a kind - $1,000
Full house - $150
Flush - $100
Straight - $50
Three of a kind - $20
Two pair - $10
One pair - $3

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