Mikal Blomlie Turns WCOOP POY into Deep PCA Run

Mikal Blomlie
Blomlie is turning a PCA freeroll into the biggest poker score of his life.

When Norwegian poker pro Mikal “mikal12345” Blomlie won the 2012 WCOOP Player of the Year race on PokerStars he won a free trip to the PCA Main Event.

Now with just 22 players left he's got a chance to turn that free trip into more than $1.85 million.

Blomlie cashed an astounding 15 times in this year's World Championship of Online Poker, including two outright victories, and even though he cashed in big in the WCOOP, he stands to make far more in the Bahamas.

Blomlie's poker story begins in Trondheim, Norway six years ago when he first tried poker with friends.

Shortly after he found himself serving in the Norwegian military but it was poker that consumed most of his time there.

“I had a good time in the army but poker is probably the thing I learned the most,” Blomlie told PokerListings.com.

After making enough money playing online while completing his military service Blomlie was confident enough to turn pro when his stint in the army was over.

Blomlie was playing poker professionally and traveling the world but he soon discovered life on the road was too tough, and too expensive.

Moving to Macau to Play Live Cash

Giving up tournaments and moving to Macau to learn live cash games might seem like a risky proposition but Blomlie said it was a positive change in his life.

Mikal Blomlie2

“It might seem weird but it's a much more normal life living in Macau then traveling all the time,” said Blomlie.

“I really needed a home base.”

Blomlie plays all the games which translated well to the poker culture in Macau. But the Norwegian had to adjust to more than just a different format of poker.

“First of all, the Chinese just like to gamble,” said Blomlie. “That's the main thing you need to understand about Macau.”

“Rich people from China come over on holiday and the games can be really good, especially on the weekends.

“But it was much better two or three years ago because now there are a lot of grinders in the games,” he added.

Mikal Blomlie 2
Blomlie playing in the 2013 PCA main event.

Blomlie's been playing and living in Macau ever since, and it was in Macau that he went on one of the biggest WCOOP heaters of all time.

Massive WCOOP Run Makes for Huge PCA Score

Blomlie won two WCOOP titles, both in PLO events, but almost didn't play the WCOOP to begin with.

“I hadn't planned to play all the events but it went well from the beginning,” he said.

“After I won two events I was at the top of the leaderboard and I had to keep playing as much as I could to win the Player of the Year.”

Winning the POY race earned Blomlie free trips and buy-ins to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the EPT Grand Final which brings us to today.

With three tables left in the 2013 PCA main event Blomlie is still in with a shot at $1.85 million.

In fact Blomlie is already guaranteed to make the biggest score of his live tournament career. The only question is, how big will it be?

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acesacesaces 2013-01-28 11:59:24

Someone who crushes teh pokers obv

Grant 2013-01-11 22:53:41

Who has a good time in the army?

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