Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen Joins Team PokerStars Online

Mickey Petersen.

Danish online poker superstar Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen has been named the newest member of Team PokerStars Online.

One of the best and most active online grinders in the world, the CardRunners coach has spent thousands of hours honing his craft at PokerStars and has over $4 million in online cashes to show for it.

While he was one of PokerListings.com's Best Bets for the 2011 WSOP, Petersen has yet to make a big score live - something he hopes to improve on in the future as he told the team on WCOOP radio yesterday:

"I see signing with world's biggest online site as the next logical step in my career and hopefully I'll be able to build on my resume live as well as online and promote both PokerStars and the game in a positive light," he said.

Among Petersen's many online poker scores are over $500k in SCOOP cashes alone and a third in the Sunday Warm-up.

The former Magic: The Gathering player joins the most notable online team in the world with current members including Randy Lew, Shane Schleger, Dale Philip, Anders Berg, Andrew Brokos, Tyler Frost, Grayson Physioc, Adrienne Rowsome and Kevin Thurman among others.

Petersen is already back on the grind as a member of Team PokerStars Online, winning a second-chance Razz event during the ongoing WCOOP and heading for Day 2 in event #22 with a decent stack, as he tweeted last night:

"Thanks For All The Well Wishes on joining PSTeamOnline and all the birthday Wishes:) 34/131 Going Into Day 2 of WCOOP 22 - 293K for first!"

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