Mercier, Bonomo, Scott Start Strong at WPT Paris

Jason Mercier
Hoodie-free thanks to the Aviation Club dress code, Mercier still started well.

Day 1a has wrapped at WPT Paris with several notable pros off to good starts including Jason Mercier, Justin Bonomo and Kara Scott.

Mercier, still #1 on the Global Poker Index despite a run of #justbadluck in tournaments as of late, jumped up over 100k in chips after hitting quads against Will Failla’s full house but dropped slightly to end the night around 70k.

Bonomo, fresh from a deep run at the Partouche Main Event in Cannes, also bagged up around 70k while Party Poker’s Kara Scott – host of the upcoming Battle of Malta – did the same.

All three sit comfortably in the top 15 although trail three Frenchmen who got off to even better starts on their home turf.

Scott Seiver
Cruel end to Seiver's first bullet.

Enjoubault Crushes with 6-3o

Far above the field to end Day 1 is Jacques Enjoubault, who rode the unlikely hand of 6-3 offsuit to the top at the expense of pro Scott Seiver

Calling it one of the “saddest and most absurd” bustouts he can remember, Seiver hit the bricks according to the WPT Live Updates like this:

“Jacques Enjoubault limps into the pot, Seiver also limps before a third player makes a raise. Enjoubault calls, Seiver raises to 4,400 and both players make up the additional price.

“The flop is 8x 5x 4x and the action checks to Seiver who bets 8,000 and just Enjoubault makes the call. The turn is the 2x, Enjoubault checks, Seiver bets 19,000, Enjoubault check-raises to 51,000, Seiver moves all-in and Enjoubault calls.

“Seiver turns over Kx Kx and Enjoubault has managed to find 6x 3x - much to the astonishment of Seiver who is out of the competition.”

Enjoubault ended the day with 225,200 to lead fellow Frenchmen Anthony Lellouche at 178,000 and Basil “the French durrrr” Yaiche in third with 142,475.

Other notable pros to build stacks on Day 1a included:

  • Juha Helppi 96,200
  • Theo Jorgenson 77,000
  • Dominik Nitsche 712000
  • Fabian Quoss 69,675
  • Phillip Gruissem 67,875
  • Tristan Wade 64,000
  • Marvin Rettenmaier 55,200
  • Jonathan Duhamel 52,925
  • Daniel Cates 31,225

Among the pros to bust today were Vanessa Selbst, Michael Mizrachi, Tony G and Partouche main event crushers Dan Smith and Dan O’Brien, but as this is a rebuy event they are welcome to to buy in tomorrow for Day 1b.

Action picks up at 3 pm from the prestigious Aviation Club in Paris; follow the WPT Live Updates here.

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