Menendez launches new poker bill

Senator Robert Menendez

The poker world could benefit from yet another pro-poker bill introduced to the U.S. Senate today.

The Internet Skill Games Regulation Bill (S8309) is the brainchild of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and the major difference between it and similar bills is that only addresses online poker and other games of skill.

According to a release from the Dow Jones Newswires, the bill would establish a regulatory framework allowing online poker companies to register in the U.S.

It would also put in place consumer protections, including age-verification procedures and blocks for  States where online poker is not yet legal.

Of interest to players is a proposed 10% tax on all deposits, representing one of the first times an actual number has been given in regards to taxes the U.S. government might be interested in charging should online poker be regulated.

The bill is expected to receive support from various financial institutions across the U.S., which were charged with the task of rejecting individual bank transactions based on the vague Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed in 2006.

House Representative Barney Frank's Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act (HR 2267) is scheduled to go to a hearing in September and could potentially gain even more support if Menendez' bill is well received.

No debate or votes on the bill will occur until after the Senate's August recess.

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