Melbourne's Manny Stavropoulos Wins Aussie Millions Main Event

Manny Stavropoulos (Photo: PokerStars blog)

Manny Stavropoulos lived out every poker player's dream today at the Aussie Millions main event in Melbourne, winning his hometown event for $1.38 million.

Coming into the final seven unheralded and in the middle of the pack, Stavropoulos did just what he needed to do to win - stay alive.

With esteemed names like Brian Rast and Richard Lyndaker alongside him and Brit James Rann with the chip lead, few had Stavropoulos pegged as the expected champion.

In the end, though, that's exactly the title he can lay claim to after he finished off German Lennart Uphoff heads-up.

The two did strike a deal, cutting Stavropoulos's payday from the original $1.6m to $1.38m, but there will be no complaining in Melbourne tonight.

Stavropoulos's previous best cash was for $32k back in 2008 and he hadn't scored a tournament cash since 2011.

Rast, Lyndaker Fall Early

Brian Rast
No rally for Rast.

The two big names at the table coming in  - Rast and Lyndaker - had their work cut out for them to begin with with small stacks.

Things went south for Lyndaker pretty quickly as his aces were cracked by Uphoff's sixes to send the German into the chip lead and Lyndaker to the rail.

Anthony Legg went next and Rast went soon after when his flush draw didn't connect against Uphoff's aces.

Uphoff busted former chipleader Rann in fourth to take a big lead three-handed and held on to enter heads-up with a 2-1 advantage.

Stavropoulos wouldn't be denied, though, and chipped up enough to cut a deal with a pretty even split. From there it was a quick ride to the finish with Stavropoulos coolering Uphoff with a jack-high straight over a 10-high straight to do it.

After the deal Stavropoulos officially collected $1.38m along with the trophy while Uphoff settled for $1.2m. Complete final-table results and payouts:

  • 1. Manny Stavropoulos (Australia) - $1,385,000*
  • 2. Lennert Uphoff (Germany) - $1,214,500*
  • 3. Joel Douaglin (New Caledonia) - $630,000
  • 4. James Rann (United Kingdom) - $430,000
  • 5. Brian Rast (United States) - $315,000
  • 6. Anthony Legg (Australia) - $235,000
  • 7. Richard Lyndaker (United States) - $160,000

For a full rundown of all the final-table action, check the PokerStars blog.

In one of the final events of the series, Just 10 players are left in the $250k Challenge and Phil Ivey leads then all. Should he go on to win it would be his 3rd win in that event in four years.

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