David Chiu comes close at FTOPS IX

David Chiu
2008 WPT Champion David Chiu has a little bit of online game too.

Max Pescatori made a little history of his own, however, as he was the first host to make the money in his own event at FTOPS IX.

Pescatori didn't short-stack his way into the money either. The Italian Pirate overcame 900 players in Event 13, Half Pot-Limit Hold'em Half Pot-Limit Omaha, before finally busting out in 14th for $1,320. A very modest payout by his standards, but it's a lot more than any of the other hosts have made in their events during this edition of FTOPS.

Dukatos was the eventual winner of Event 13 and received $45,000 after beating Allin4Narnia in heads-up play.

Later that day Event 18, No-Limit Hold'em 3x shootout, kicked off with Andy Black handling the hosting duties. Surprisingly, Black duplicated Pescatori's achievement in making it to the money, although he had to settle for 67th place.

Both Erick Lindgren, Peter Feldman and James "Mig_com" Mackey all made modest cashes as well as well.

First place went to jobless23, who can stand to be without a job a little bit longer thanks to his $69,510 payday.

Meanwhile in Event 19, Mixed Hold'em Six-Max, which was hosted by new WSOP bracelet holder Erick Lindgren, it was consummate professional David Chiu who stole the show.

Chiu outlasted over a thousand players to make the final table before finally busting out in fourth for $22,621. It's definitely not the $3.3 million he made for winning the WPT world championship this year, but it's not too shabby.

Rizz13 beat castellimich in heads-up to secure the $63,738 prize for first place.

Richard "Quiet Lion" Brodie, CrazyZachary and Adam "Roothlus" Levy all made it deep in Event 19 as well.

Here's a look at the rest of the final-table finishers for Thursday's FTOPS IX events:

Event 13 $200+$16 Half Pot-Limit Hold'em Half Pot-Limit Omaha

1. Dukatos $45,000
2. Allin4Narnia $28,500
3. PostflopAction $21,100
4. ChipSteela $16,500
5. SwoopAE $12,500
6. RubbishPlayer $9,000
7. pokerded $6,000
8. sun2 $4,500
9. mross03 $3,200

Event 18 $500+$35 No-Limit Hold'em 3x Shootout

1. jobless23 $69,510
2. m_reed05 $46,340
3. zelik $33,100
4. AlexB81 $24,825
5. Catenaccia $18,205
6. zekulya $13,240
7. mreki88 $9,268
8. jonpijonpi $6,289
9. MattSuspect $4,468

Event 19 $300+$22 Mixed Hold'em Six-Max

1. Rizz13 $63,738
2. castellimich $42,492
3. LegacyRik $30,264
4. David Chiu $22,621
5. nevadabob0 $16,202
6. Stubblefield $10,393


Both Event 20, No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max, hosted by Ben Roberts, and Event 21, Razz, hosted by Howard Lederer, are scheduled for today.

But things really get rolling on Saturday with two more events, including the epic two-day $2 million guaranteed event hosted by Patrik Antonius. Sunday will offer the grand finale of FTOPS IX with its $2.5 million guaranteed main event.

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