Matt Stout: “I Decided it Was Time to Start Charity Work Again”

Matt Stout

Matt Stout is not quiet poker player. He is loud, boisterous, and sometimes disruptive, but always having a good time. But there is another side to this New Jersey native that people are just now discovering.

While a lot of big name players his age are posting pictures of themselves at the club, holding expensive bottles of booze, surrounded by a new “friends”, Stout spends his down time with family and finds time to help those in need.

“As much fun as it is to play poker for a living,” Stout said. “It’s not the most productive thing for society.”

Stout has an impressive list of poker accomplishments including three WSOP final tables, two WPT final tables, and more than $3.6 million in career tournament earnings. He enjoys his time in poker and is spreading the love around.

Stout Creates the Charity Series of Poker

Matt Stout
Stout: Poker isn't most productive thing for society.

Stout has done charity work in the past with some good results. He helps out at the local food banks during the holidays and encourages others by offering free poker lessons to those who join him.

“My family’s a pretty generous family but they don’t have a lot so I’m more inclined to help people out,” Stout said. “I know what it’s like to have nothing.”

“I eventually got to place financially when I could do it until Black Friday hit,” Stout continued. “About a year ago I finally settled down and decided it was about time to start some charity work again.”

This year Stout created the Charity Series of Poker as a way to increase awareness, promote charity tournaments, and make some real money for worthy organizations.

Matt Savage joined the non-profit company and their inaugural tournament is being held at Planet Hollywood on July 6th benefitting Three Squares, a food bank serving Southern Nevada.

“Three Square is Vegas’ only food bank and I’ve been doing work with them for a year or so,” Stout said. “We decided to do the first event for them but the series will donate to a lot of other charities.

“Half the prizepool goes to Three Square and the other half to payouts. Expenses are pretty much out of pocket.”

Moneymaker, Riess to Play Charity Series

Ryan Riess
The Beast will play.

The tournament has a $300 buy-in with $100 rebuys the first hour with half the prizepool going to Three Square and half to payouts.

All-American Dave is donating his food and services during the VIP/Media hour and Monster Products donating prizes to the top spots.

Many top names are confirmed to play including Chris Moneymaker, Annette Obrestad, Greg Merson, Carlos Mortensen, and reigning WSOP Main Event Champion Ryan Riess.

“We have a whole slew of top notch pros who are going to show up,” Stout explained.

“We’re not comping entries for them or spending money so all the money goes where it’s supposed to, they’re playing because they want to help.”

Stout says to expect a great time for a great cause.

“It’s going to be a fun, drunken, turbo, rebuy event for a good cause,” Stout finished. “I don’t know, I might get thrown out of my own event for having too much fun.”

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