mastrblastr blasted by Benyamine

David Benyamine

Is it any surprise that the winning player at the end of this story is none other than David Benyamine? Benyamine defeating the world has been the story on repeat all year.

It seems odd that any players would be willing to pit their rolls up against him right now, considering he seems to hit every out and take every stack of every player he sits with. He's one of the largest online winners of the year, and as of right now has taken down the largest pot of the day.

This hand is in the middle of a heads-up session between Benyamine and mastrblastr. Heads-up poker is an animal all its own, especially when two highly aggressive players are pitted across from each other. Three-, four- and even five-betting light is very common, with a three-barrel bluff being almost standard play.

Heads-up is truly a game of playing your opponent, not your or their cards. In this hand, mastrblastr's attempt at playing the man failed when Benyamine fell into a monster.MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.

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