mastrblastr bastes a Finnish turkey

Scott Seiver
mastrblastr picks up more than $1 million from Ziigmund Thursday.

It wasn't just the turkey that made Thanksgiving a day to remember for online poker pro Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver.

It took just three hands and less than two and a half hours for mastrblastr to make more than $1 million in online poker earnings. All of that income came at the expense of Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.

mastrblastr is from New York and recently stepped out of the online world, where he's been one of the most winning players in recent memory, only to take a World Series of Poker bracelet. That accomplishment came in Event 21, $5k No-Limit Hold'em at the 2008 WSOP. He walked with nearly $800k for the effort.

Ziigmund is a brash gambler from Finland famous for freaking people out with hyperaggressive play and $0k bets on coin flips. He's a good friend of poker pro Patrik Antonius, who himself has been in the mix for some of the biggest hands in online poker history.

The bulk of Ziigmund's losses on this day of thanks came at Full Tilt Poker in two of the 20 biggest online poker pots played this year. In the first and largest of the two, it was a classic defeat of big slick at the hands of a small pocket pair.

With mastrblastr holding a slight advantage over Ziigmund and the blinds at $500 and $1000, mastrblastr raised $2,500 from the small blind only to be reraised to $10,500 by Ziigmund.

mastrblastr made the call and the flop came 4 3 K. Ziigmund set the pace with a bet of $18,500 and mastrblastr followed that up by pushing it to $51,050 before Ziigmund went all-in.

Ziigmund turned over A K for what he surely thought would be a good top pair of kings, only for mastrblastr to show a nearly insurmountable set of threes.

The turn brought a slight (and false) sense of hope to Ziigmund when it produced an A. However, Ziigmund was officially sunk when the river came 5. And just like that, mastrblastr walked with a cool $458,998.

Check out how the action played out here:


The sneaky small pocket pair

That surely would have been more than enough to send most poker players packing, but not Ziigmund. He was tilted, and promptly ponied up another whopping pot to mastrblastr just an hour and a half later.

In this instance Ziigmund appeared to be chasing both his losses and a decent hand. The second whopper, again a $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em heads-up affair, played out as follows.

After his previous win, mastrblastr held a substantial $568,079 to $229,040 advantage in the small blind. From that position mastrblastr raised to $2,500, only to once again be reraised to $10,500 by Ziigmund. This time, however, mastrblastr chose to re-reraise to $31,500, with Ziigmund calling.

With the flop producing Q 4 9, Ziigmund checked, only to face a $45,007  bet from mastrblastr, at which Ziigmund went all-in. mastrblastr called $149,533 holding pocket rockets while Ziigmund showed an open-ended straight possibility with his J T. Once again the Finn was well behind.

Neither the 3 on the turn nor the 6 on the river answered Ziigmund's prayers as he lost another $458,079. Check out the hand:


Ziigmund blasted again.

Overall Ziigmund's nightly losses topped a satanic $666k. Ouch!

For more high-stakes action and a look at online poker's biggest winners and losers, make your way to the MarketPulse section.

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