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It's a question that inevitably gets brought up in any kind of poker discussion group:

Is the game of Texas Hold'em solvable?

The answer, according to poker software developer PokerSnowie, is yes -- and they've built the perfect learning tool to teach you how to beat the game.

Game Theory Optimal Provides Optimal Play in Every Scenario

Poker Coach is developed around "Game Theory Optimal," a complex, algorithmic strategy with two fundamental premises:

  • a) playing as unexploitable a game as possible
  • b) using mistakes your opponents make to increase your expected value

Do this over and over again in every situation and you can see where your profit at the tables will add up.

Different from a standard "exploitative" strategy taught by most training sites, there is no real "counter-strategy" to perfect GTO play - meaning if implemented correctly you're virtually guaranteed to profit in the long run.

Teaching you how to implement this perfect strategy is where Poker Coach comes in.

Texas Hold'em AI Built From Trillions of Poker Hands

Poker Coach is the learning tool based on the perfect gamplay approach of the PokerSnowie AI - an artifical neural network that perfected Texas Hold'em play via a sophisticated, learning algortihm that played trillions of hands against itself.

Viktor Blom
It's like Isildur but without the leaks.

In short, it built up an infinite database of hand scenarios with a corresponding play for the best results. It doesn't play "perfect poker" per se but it weeds out the biggest mistakes that cost you the most money.

The AI's strengths - balanced, unreadable play in all situations - make it by far the most advanced artificial intelligence-based software for poker out there. 

PokerCoach is the tool synched with that AI-developed database. As the user you just upload your hand histories and you'll get a detailed, itemized list of the costliest mistakes you can eradicate from your game.

Optimal game play is mapped out move by move and covers every scenario you might encounter at the poker table.

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