Martonas dominates Ivey and Griffin

Ashton Griffin
Ashton Griffin: Winner of the $515k pot

The world of high-stakes online poker has been temporarily put in a stranglehold by Full Tilt player martonas as he dominates the best No-Limit Hold'em players on the planet.

When martonas came back to the world of nosebleed-stakes poker earlier this month, the biggest names in the game saw him as just another fish taking a shot at the big game.

Now it appears that was all part of his grand plan.

First he set about convincing the players to leave the Pot-Limit Omaha games and return to $500/$1000 No-Limit Hold'em to get his action.

Then on Friday night, martonas sprung his trap, winning close to $900k.

Yesterday's session can be broken up into two parts, and although martonas dominated the game in both, the second was the most exciting.

Practically all the NLHE action completely dropped off when martonas took a break following the first half of his session.

When he returned to the game, both Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin and Phil Ivey were waiting.

They played three-handed and the session was peppered with gigantic pots, the largest of which was worth over $515k and is the largest NLHE pot of the year.

Griffin took it down, helping him get back near even on the day, posting only a small $18k loss - a loss that pales in comparison to some of the swings Griffin has suffered in his run from bust to Bobby's Room.

Just below this massive pot all three players won one worth over $300k, with $1.7 million wagered by these guys in the top five pots alone.

The session ended with an unusual sight Ivey walking away from the action down $400k.

After Ivey broke the game, martonas managed to convince mastrblastr to play him heads-up on the $300/$600 table and booked yet another profit.

Only time will tell if martonas truly has what it takes to be a consistent high-stakes contender, or if his latest series of wins are little more than a sick run of good cards.

Here are the three largest pots of the session:

One pot; half a million dollars.

Martonas, the man of the hour.

Ivey takes his slice.

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