Markholt running like God at Foxwoods

Lee Markholt
Lee Markholt went from ashy to classy on Day 3 at Foxwoods

If Day 4 at the Foxwoods Poker Classic is anything like its predecessor, Allen Kessler is in for a world of hurt.

"I have the worst table draw in the world," Kessler told PokerListings after players redrew for seats following Day 3 action. "Lee Markholt's to my left."

Sunday was definitely Markholt's day at Foxwoods. The man who calls himself Seattle Set entered the day with 35,100 in chips, good for dead last among the tournament's 59 survivors.

"I'd struggled with chips for two and a half days," said Markholt. "I told myself that if I ever got over 100,000 I'd feel like I was doing something."

Markholt would eclipse that goal with ease over Day 3's five levels of action, amassing more than 1.1 million by day's end through a solid strategy of running like God.

"I had 50,000 and David Williams doubled me up, tens against aces, and that brought me to 100k," Markholt said. "I think that was my turning point."

After doubling through Williams, Markholt went on a tear, busting Jerry Wong, Dan Heimiller and Charlie Marchese to send his stack up over the seven-figure mark and then finishing off David DiFilippo in 21st for good measure.

As the day came to a close, Markholt tried to bully short-stack Phong Nguyen in a blind-versus-blind encounter, only to find his K-7 behind Nguyen's A-J after the flop came J-10-6.

Amnon Filippi

No worries, though: the turn was a seven and so was the river, giving Markholt trips and sending Nguyen packing.

"I feel really confident going into tomorrow," Markholt said.

All told, 17 players survived to the end of Level 15, including Barry Greenstein, Amnon Filippi and Allen Kessler.

Earlier in the day, Filippi flirted with the chip lead, eliminating erstwhile chipleader Ryan Fisler on the bubble in what was then the biggest pot of the tournament.

The hand saw Fisler three-bet all-in with aces on a nine-high flop and see Filippi snap him off with a flopped set of eights. It sent the young Canadian to the rail in 32nd place and launched Filippi to the top of the charts, where he'd lurk for the remainder of the day.

The New Yorker finished up with 824k, good for second on the leaderboard.

An hour of hand-for-hand play after Fisler's elimination,  Mohsin Charania earned the Bubble Boy title when he ran kings into Tony Gargano's aces in another of those biggest pots of the tournament.

This one was worth 800k and crippled Charania, who was eliminated shortly thereafter when his Q-10 failed to suck out against Andy Stone's A-8.

Among those to visit the cashier after Charania's elimination were Joe "Bobo" Cappello, Joanne Dorin and the aforementioned Heimiller, who ran A-4 into Markholt's A-K and couldn't recover.

Day 4 action will begin at noon Eastern and continue until only ten players remain. Catch all of the action in the PokerListings Live Tournaments section.

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