Marco, Polo: Traniello finds success at the WSOP

Marco Traniello
Marco Traniello playing the 2007 WSOP Seven-Card Stud Championship event.

There was quite a crowd around one of the $5,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship event tables today. Most were there checking out Daniel Negreanu, but the real star should have been Marco Traniello.

Traniello is steadily working his way to the top of the chip count and a cash in his second event at this year's World Series of Poker.

He made the final table of his very first event, the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event, and is now in the money of the Seven-Card Stud Championship event, putting him on the right track to continue his cashing streak.

"Step into my office," Marco Traniello says as we sit at an empty poker table for a quick interview during his first break of the day.

I was in the "forbidden" tournament territory without a media pass - shhh, don't tell anyone - but perhaps that's allowed when you're invited in by one of the event chip leaders for a quick chat.

How are you doing today so far?

I'm one of the chip leaders.

Do you have a certain game that's your specialty?

My favorite is the Pot-Limit Hold'em.

Is it a big transition for you switching between the different games?

Not really, because that's what I'm used to seeing my wife play, all the different games.

Does your wife, Jennifer Harman, give you a lot of pointers?

Yes she does. Plus I'm lucky because I can call Daniel (Negreanu), Todd Brunson, and they can help me out.

You cashed quite a bit last year and the year before in the World Series …

Yeah, they told me today that I'm the only one who cashed 12 times in the last two years.

Do you consider the World Series to be your lucky tournament then?

Well, it's the only one I play. I'll play once in a while in smaller things, but this is the only major tournament.

You were a hair stylist with your own shop; do you plan to get more into poker?

That's all I do now. (Gestures toward the Full Tilt Poker logo on his shirt.) I do poker full time.

Are you going to be traveling to any other major tournaments then, like the World Poker Tour events?

When the kids get a little older. We just had twin boys who turned 7 months old today.


With a final-table cash in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event and another guaranteed cash in the Seven-Card Stud Championship, his first two events this year, Traniello is well on his way to continue his winning ways at the World Series.

We can only imagine what will happen in the poker world when he starts to spread his wings more and take on more major events.

In the meantime, won't be surprised to see his name deep in a lot of WSOP events, and we wish him the best of luck.

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